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Jaclyn Nicole

Written in the Stars Ring

Written in the Stars Ring

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The Written in the Stars Ring complements the Zodiac Constellation necklace and bangle bracelet and matching earrings, and just like their counterparts, are intended to be worn as a reminder of your purpose and your impact within the universe. Just as the stars are permanently fixed in the sky, your existence and story have been etched into the fabric of the universe as well. Your story was meant to be written. Wear this piece as a reminder that as a being that exists within the universe, that also means you are OF the universe. You are a piece of the universe itself. And therefore, you ARE the universe, experiencing itself. Your energy is of, and connected to, everything that exists within it Your ability to create, and the impact you can affect on all of it, is bounded only by the limitations you have falsely put on yourself. The Written in the Stars Ring is adjustable and is Available as a fully Sterling Silver Ring or a Brass circle on a14K Gold Filled band. Please send us a message for a quote for 14K Gold options. Please note that although items will show in stock, all pieces are hand crafted or cast and then hand finished, and as such, are predominantly made to order. With that in mind, please expect approximately 2-4 weeks production time from the time you place your order. If we're able to fulfill it sooner, we will. And if you are hoping to receive it by a particular date for a special occasion, please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate or advise if it's possible to add a rush fee. Thank you for your support!


All pieces are made from Brass, Sterling Silver, 14K Gold Filled & 14K Solid Gold as specified in the variant selections.

All Sterling Silver necklaces come on a Sterling Silver Chain. All Brass & 14K Gold Filled Necklaces come on a 14K Gold Filled Chain. Chain styles may vary from product photos. Please let us know if you need to see photos of the chain before your order is shipped/fulfilled.

Shipping & Returns

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Care Instructions

To deter tarnish, scratches or damage:

  • Store in a sealed plastic zipper bag when not in use
  • Avoid contact with lotions or perfumes
  • Keep away from moisture
  • Remove during exercise, sleeping & bathing
  • Metals will naturally tarnish. Tarnish can be removed with a polishing cloth until returned to a mirror finish
  • Peak or Flitz Polish is highly recommended for faster and more effective polishing
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