Collection: Winding Road Knot Jewelry | Jaclyn Nicole Mindful Jewelry

Wear our handmade Winding Road Knot Jewelry as a reminder that although life has many twists and turns and paths that get knocked off course, and can sometimes feel overwhelming, disappointing or unsettling, it is all of those complexities that produce something truly beautiful in the end.

The challenges you face always lead you to something better - new skills, new abilities, new perspectives, which you would never have gained had it not been for the contrast you experienced.

The contrast of what we deem to be negative experiences are the very things that give us access to the more fulfilling happier lives we want. 

So when you're going through the chaos, breakdowns or unexpected or unwanted changes, touch your Winding Road Knot jewelry piece and ask yourself, Why is this happening for me? What's the good that will come from this?

Because we all know it will come. The Winding Road Collection acts as a coaching tool to help you shorten the time that you stew in misery to get to the good stuff faster.