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Jaclyn Nicole

Presence Spinner Ring

Presence Spinner Ring

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The Presence Spinner Ring by Jaclyn Nicole isn't just an aesthetically beautiful spinner ring for anxiety or fidgetting, it is an effective mindfulness tool.

The base hammer textured ring represents how life is always changing with ups and downs, while the thinner inner bands represent time and spin freely to remind you that thinking about things that aren't happening currently is simply spinning time in your head.

Learn how to be more present in life using the Jaclyn Nicole Presence Spinner ring by building the habit of spinning the rings  whenever you notice yourself lost in thought, obsessing about relationships, conversations, situations, events, that have already happened in the past, or have yet to pan out in the future, playing them out in your mind, and feeling any negative emotions such as anxiety, frustration, insecurity, anger, resentment, doubt, fear, irritation, etcetera.

However, the most important key to being present is bringing yourself into this present moment. So the intention is that you wear and use this unique spinner ring as a commitment to yourself that when you stop spinning, you will refocus your attention on the present moment. 

The strategy we suggest for refocusing on the moment you're in, is to use your senses as a tool to life you out of those negative feelings. Remind yourself that those things aren't actually happening right now, they are just thoughts you are thinking in your head that are causing you to feel bad. And then, in your head or out loud, start naming everything you can see or anything you sense such as hear or smell.

Spin the rings while you narrate anything you notice in the present moment until you start to feel better and feel yourself unhook from the heaviness of those negative thoughts.

This moment right now is always the only moment that is ever actually happening. It's the only one you have any control over or ability to do physically be in. Everything else is just a thought, that you are thinking in your head, about something that has or will happen. It isn't actually happening right now . But what it is doing, is eliciting the visceral feelings of it happening, which make you feel miserable right now. And the most toxic and damaging thing about this is that you don't realize that's what's happening that makes you miserable, and aren't addressing it, so then you go through your day operating in reaction to those visceral feelings, feeling terrible and looking for (and finding) reasons to justify why you feel this way, because nothing actually happened to cause it other than your thoughts. Which just give you more ammo to obsess about to continue the cycle later. Those obsession with thinking about things that aren't currently happening is the predominant reason you are ever unhappy or anxious or depressed. You are the only one making yourself miserable by choosing to engage with them.

What could your life be like if you practiced and gained skills and tools to recognize and stop obsessing about things you can't control?

If you are trying to figure out how to be happier in your life, this delicate Spinner Ring is the mindfulness tool that will help to improve your mental health and emotional health so you can actually enjoy your life in the moment to moment living of it. The peace & joy you want for your life lives in the presence to whatever moment you're in. Stop spending your time and energy making yourself miserable by imagining things that aren't happening, looking for what's wrong that needs to be fixed, because the consequence is missing out on the life you want. Use this anxiety fidget spinner ring to get out of your head and to be more present in the actual living of your life. This moment is always neutral. It's energy is determined solely by what thoughts you fill it with.

Approx 1/4" wide band Sterling Silver presence spinner ring with textured shank and 2 thin inner rings that spin.


All pieces are made from Brass, Sterling Silver, 14K Gold Filled & 14K Solid Gold as specified in the variant selections.

All Sterling Silver necklaces come on a Sterling Silver Chain. All Brass & 14K Gold Filled Necklaces come on a 14K Gold Filled Chain. Chain styles may vary from product photos. Please let us know if you need to see photos of the chain before your order is shipped/fulfilled.

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Care Instructions

To deter tarnish, scratches or damage:

  • Store in a sealed plastic zipper bag when not in use
  • Avoid contact with lotions or perfumes
  • Keep away from moisture
  • Remove during exercise, sleeping & bathing
  • Metals will naturally tarnish. Tarnish can be removed with a polishing cloth until returned to a mirror finish
  • Peak or Flitz Polish is highly recommended for faster and more effective polishing
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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Bought 2 presence spinner rings

Bought 2 presence spinner rings as gifts for my wife and daughter. They absolutely love them. The rings are beautifully made and very high quality.

Thank you for your support! I'm so thrilled they love them and hope their Presence Spinner Rings help them always find peace and calm!

Gail S.
Beautiful & Powerful!

My presence spinner ring is my new favorite piece of jewelry with intention. I use it daily in my meditation and grounding practice.

Love the presence spinner ring!

I love my presence spinner ring. I like the combination of the silver and gold rings and it goes well with my other jewelry. It is very comfortable as well as comforting! I also bought one for my husband. Thank you!

Thank you so much for your support and honoring my presence spinner rings with great reviews! I'm so truly happy you love it and I hope your husband loved his gift as well! I hope they bring you both peace and help to be more present and grounded!