Think of Jaclyn Nicole's inspirational jewelry pieces as your personal touchstones for mindfulness exercises to relieve anxiety and stress, offering you a moment of peace in the midst of the stresses of daily life. Each piece in our unique handmade jewelry collections are a conversation starter, a striking piece of art, and a reminder of the strength and power within you. It's like carrying the wisdom of top self-help books with you, transforming their words into symbols of those affirmations, encouraging you to practice mindful self-awareness and self-care.

Every twist, pierce and imprint in Jaclyn Nicole's motivational jewelry has unique intention, mirroring the similarities in each of our transformative journeys. That journey we all find ourselves on when we move to stop living from our fears and insecurities to creating our lives with intuitive trust and self-love, in order to find our own peace and happiness. It's more than just stylish jewelry; it's a companion on your self-growth journey, a gentle nudge towards mindfulness and stress relief, and a symbol of your endless journey of resilience and joy.

So, explore Jaclyn Nicole's unique handmade jewelry collections and find the perfect jewelry pieces to resonate with your story and support you on your journey. Let each piece of our inspirational jewelry be a daily reminder to help you pause, breathe, and harness the power of mindfulness and presence.

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Manifestation necklace

Purchased this necklace with 16 inch length in brass. Beautiful design and really stands out. Please with workmanship

Sun Drop Earrings
Sandra Potocki
Sun drop earrings

Just lovely. Purchased earrings for my daughter in law for mother's day and she was very happy with them. Perfect for long neck. I was pleased with the design and workmanship. Thank you for your excellent service.

This is a beautiful necklace, it’s exactly what I was looking for! So delicate and unique. I love how the chain adds a bit of sparkle to the overall look.

Manifestation Ring
Ariana Perez
Best Jewelry ever!

Couldn't have bought a better ring anywhere else the thought and care that was poured into making this is insane! I love the flare and the attention to detail. just the fact that every piece of jewelry Nicole has has a meaning behind it makes it that much more special. It's definitely a purchase you wont regret it! and the best part about this ring is it doesn't matter what ring size you are its adjustable!

Jewish Star Necklace
Elizabeth Mandel
Love this necklace!

I love my necklace so much. It is both a piece of art and a symbol of my identity, both modern and ancient.

And, I loved getting to meet Jaclyn when I purchased the necklace. A true artist, a wondrous soul.

Spinner Ring.

The ring I purchased was all silver and is beautiful. It helps me when i look at it,..but when you turn it, it does calm you and gets you focused.. Fits perfectly by the size I gave Jaclyn. I will look at the necklace for my next piece i Love it so much I will order it for my daughter.

Beautiful necklace purchased as a gift!

A good reminder

I absolutely fell in love with the design and the meaning of this necklace when I first saw it. This necklace helps me to think of the positive even when I am anxious.

Jewish Star Necklace
Abigail Ameri
Meaningful Jewelry

I love my necklace! I appreciate the subtleness of the design. Since I purchased this I have worn it almost daily.

Beautiful Wedding Rings

We found Jaclyn at a craft fair and loved her style, intentionality, utility and beauty of her jewelry. We had her make spinner rings for us out of 14k white gold as our wedding rings. She was meticulous and we will wear and love them forever!

Manifestation Earrings
Meredith Wolsten
Manifestation earrings

The earrings are so pretty. They are simple and unique. I love the message behind them. I know the recipient is going to love them too!

Winding Road Knot

I am so pleased with my Winding Road Knot necklace. It wears well at different lengths and complements many outfits. Each knot is unique. It catches the light.
Jaclyn’s customer service was the best!

Infinity Ring
Rhonda Adams

I am enjoying my infinite ring. What I enjoyed most was the story behind it. It was a pleasure listening to Jaclyn go into detail about her work. Highly recommend Jaclyn Nicole Designs.

Karma Necklace
Catherine Sloan
So unusual!

The jewelry is very unique and unusual. I wear my necklace everyday and it looks beautiful!

Amazing Talent, Amazing Reminder to Pause!

I saw these advertised online, and read the description. The box breathing technique really does work! I had a meditation app on my phone, but it isn’t practical to play video/audio everywhere. These earrings are a statement piece, well-crafted, and are infused with purpose and hope! Now I can just look in the mirror or touch one, and reminded to settle and breathe for a moment. I am so grateful!

Love the thought process which matches the designs

Absolute pleasure buying this set for my daughter. Jaclyn is a talented metalsmith with an amazing outlook on life and reflects that in her pieces.

A wonderful experience. Thank you!

Flower necklace

I recently meet Jaclyn at a crafts fair and within 2 weeks I received my beautiful flower necklace with 8 different birthdays!!!! It’s perfect and I’m looking forward to sharing it with my children and grandchildren.

Beautiful earrings

Every time I see Jaclyn Nicole at a craft show, I stop and look at her beautiful, inspirational jewelry. The wisdom that comes with it is an added bonus. I love my new earrings and the message behind them.

Spinner ring love

I absolutely love this ring. It definitely helps ground me and return my thoughts to the present instead of dwelling on the past or things that are out of my control. Oh and it is beautiful as well!

Sun Drop Necklace
Karen Perrong
Great Customer Service

I love my jewelry! Also Jaclyn provides great customer service.

Beautiful and unique

This necklace resonated with me and my relationship to Judaism. There is not one way things need to be and looking through the lens of religion we can see things in a lot of different ways. Great quality, great addition for me.

great for sensory relief

dealing with sensory issues is hard, but this ring makes me feel better in tough moments

Meaningful Graduation Gift

I purchased this necklace for my best friend's daughter. It was a HS graduation present. Jaclyn took the time to help me pick just the right gift. Wonderful choice!

Karma Necklace
Claudia Cummings
Unique and beautiful

I love wearing this necklace, it’s really lovely and also is a good way to stay present and intentional throughout my day.

Tree of Life necklace

This is the THIRD piece that I have of Jaclyn’s incredible collection. I just love it! My first piece is the Star of David necklace and my second piece is the birth flower necklace. I love them all! In fact, I just gave the birth flower necklace as a birthday present. I love that it is personalized. It makes it a very special gift!

Silver self love key necklace worn on a woman's neck

Our Mission

We're dedicated to creating inspirational jewelry that serve as powerful tools for mindfulness and self-empowerment.

We’re committed to:

  • Supporting emotional well-being: with pieces that align with your core beliefs and desires.
  • Encouraging Self-Reflection: Foster a deeper self-awareness through mindful living.
  • Making Insights Actionable: Offer practical applications for putting coaching and mindfulness concepts into practice.
  • Empowering Decisions: Equip you with the confidence to make choices that reflect your true self.
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Meet the Artist

Meet Jaclyn Beckerman, the creative force behind Jaclyn Nicole's inspirational jewelry. With her unique journey from life coach, to world-traveler, to mother, to talented jewelry artist, Jaclyn infuses her passion for personal growth into every piece of her meaningful jewelry designs.

Jaclyn's own healing journey has taught her that we are all more similar than we are different. We often share familiar fears and insecurities, feeling we're not good enough, not trusting ourselves and comparing ourselves to others.

When she fell in love with silversmithing she quickly realized it was the perfect conduit to share what she'd learned about breaking free from survival mode, to help others do the same. Ever since, she has been committed to creating beautiful jewelry as a medium to help others build the life-changing habits of following your intuition, prioritizing your well-being, ad understanding that you are loveable and worthy without condition.

Jaclyn is humbled and grateful for the overwhelmingly positive support and feedback she's received and for the opportunity to make a big difference with a small treasure.

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Want to know more?

Lets get a little personal

Jaclyn Nicole | The power of a name

Initially Jaclyn named her inspirational jewelry brand after her 2 little girls. However, she realized that doing so was actually a fear-based form of disowning her value. The idea of using her name brought up all those familiar fears of never being good enough, of persistent imposter-syndrome, of insecurities about failing and that reflecting on her as being a failure.

So why did she do it? Well, taking ownership of Jaclyn Nicole, her first and middle name, was for Jaclyn, a declaration of self-love. It was, for her, a meaningful step towards recognizing her intrinsic value.

Jaclyn leaned heavily on both her intuition and the mindfulness practices she shares through her inspirational jewelry collections to help her build her brand, and simultaneously, her confidence in her self-worth.

Her story, as a single mother, a survivor, a life coach, and a healer, is reflected in each inspirational jewelry collection. Jaclyn Nicole is not just a unique handmade jewelry brand; it’s a testament to the power of self-love and aligning your thoughts and beliefs with your intentions. It’s a reminder that we are each worthy and loveable, just as we are, and that we have the power to create the lives we want.

Jaclyn’s Healing Journey to Empowerment

Jaclyn's path wasn’t always clear. From a love for fashion and jewelry to stumbling through corporate worlds as a neurodivergent woman, she experienced many ups and downs. Her personal journey, including life-changing experiences like childhood traumas, training as a life coach, 2 years of backpacking around the world by herself, the traumatic demise of her marriage and the challenge that come with single motherhood, have all deeply influenced her work. Today, she is proud to have created Jaclyn Nicole, inspirational jewelry that serves as a beacon of hope and empowerment for anyone on a path of self-discovery, growth and healing.

Inspirational Jewelry for Mindful Living

At Jaclyn Nicole unique gift ideas for someone special are crafted with love and intention. Our jewelry aren't just stylish accessories; they're powerful tools for practicing mindfulness to reduce anxiety and support self-growth.

As a former life coach turned silversmith, Jaclyn pours over 15 years of coaching insights and self-development work into each piece, creating meaningful necklaces for women, adjustable rings, and more.

Our designs are more than just unique birthday gifts or special friend gifts; they are reminders of your strength, resilience, and the beauty of transformation. From unique jewelry that celebrates motherhood, like our 'Birthday gifts for mom' collection, to pieces that embody personal growth and self-love, every piece carries a story.

Join our Healing Community

Our healing community really cares about supporting one another in personal growth and empowered living. We’re more than just jewelry with meaning - we’re a movement towards living happier and more satisfied lives.

We would be honored to help you find the perfect inspirational pieces that would most support you on your journey.

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Our Promise

Our creations are more than just beautiful jewelry; they’re companions on your journey towards self-love, compassion, and mindfulness. Designed to echo your inner being and reinforce your emotional well-being, our pieces are your daily nudge towards a happier, more fulfilled you.

If anything about your order doesn't meet your expectations, we’re here to make it right. We value and appreciate your feedback so please do reach out with any thoughts, issues, concerns, questions or successes!

Count on us for outstanding customer service and a shopping experience that leaves you empowered and satisfied with your mindfulness jewelry.