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Jaclyn Nicole

Gratitude Symbol Ring

Gratitude Symbol Ring

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Embrace an attitude of gratitude with our Gratitude Symbol Ring, a unique inspirational jewelry piece that combines style and mindfulness. These meaningful rings, featuring a lowercase 'g' for gratitude, serve as a powerful reminder to appreciate life's blessings.

Whenever you notice the ring, pause for a moment, and acknowledge something you're grateful for about that very moment in time. This practice helps build a gratitude attitude, opening you to more blessings and abundance.

The continuous loop of the 'g' represents the endless cycle of how what you appreciate, appreciates.

These beautiful adjustable rings are handcrafted in brass, sterling silver, or 14K Gold filled. This ring is a perfect fit for daily wear, making it an ideal gift or personal statement piece.


Solid Brass, Sterling Silver or 14K Gold Fill


Care Instructions

To deter tarnish, scratches or damage:

  • Store in a sealed plastic zipper bag when not in use
  • Avoid contact with lotions or perfumes
  • Keep away from moisture
  • Remove during exercise, sleeping & bathing
  • Metals will naturally tarnish. Tarnish can be removed with a polishing cloth until returned to a mirror finish
  • Peak or Flitz Polish is highly recommended for faster and more effective polishing

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Customer Reviews

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Gratitude Ring

This ring is beautifully handcrafted and has such a lovely meaning behind it. Life can be so stressful and chaotic at times and this ring is a wonderful reminder that sometimes you just need to pause for a moment and think about something you are grateful for as a way to shift your thinking and keep you present focused. I love that the ring is adjustable and can easily be worn daily. Now I just need to decide what my next piece of Jaclyn Nicole jewelry will be!