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Jaclyn Nicole

Vessel Manifestation Necklace

Vessel Manifestation Necklace

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The Vessel Manifestation Necklace isn’t just a piece of jewelry; it’s a lighthouse to guide you toward the life of your dreams, a law of attraction jewelry piece that holds your desired life experience close to your heart.

You can only create that life you want by pushing aside the noise - those doubts, fears and other's opinions and expectations, that prevent you from moving towards it. Once you create that space, you can fill it with the recognition that your value is inherent, trusting your intuition to lead you, and only taking actions that align with that experience you wish for.

This manifestation necklace does more than just complement your outfit. It’s a vessel, quite literally, for your hopes and dreams. Once you slide your intentions, written on a slip of paper, into this unique piece, it becomes a daily compass to guide you in the direction of your intuition towards a life filled with the experience you want to be having of it.

Here’s how you can get the most impact out of your Vessel Manifestation necklace:

  1. Write down the experience of life you wish you had on a small strip of paper. Need ideas? "Love", "Peace", "Abundance", "Freedom", "Joy", "Ease", "Fun"
  2. Roll the paper up gently and insert it inside the vessel.
  3. Wear it each day, using it as a check in point to help guide your choices and actions, ensuring they're aligned with the experience of life you are creating.

Change is the only constant, so if your goals evolve, simply change the message within, fine-tuning your journey in a new direction. These unique necklaces aren’t just stylish accessories; they're a daily nudge to practice mindfulness, a tool to help you focus your thoughts and intentions.

Our Vessel Manifestation Necklace truly is more than just beautiful jewelry. It’s a perfect marriage of style and spirituality, designed to complement your unique fashion sense while serving as a constant reminder of the power you hold to shape your future.

Let this manifestation necklace be your guide as you write your own life's story, reminding you daily of the power of your thoughts and choices, and the very real possibilities of your dreams.


Brass, Sterling Silver or 14K Gold Filled pendant with Sterling Silver or 14K Gold Fill Chain


Approx 1"

Care Instructions

To deter tarnish, scratches or damage:

  • Store in a sealed plastic zipper bag when not in use
  • Avoid contact with lotions or perfumes
  • Keep away from moisture
  • Remove during exercise, sleeping & bathing
  • Metals will naturally tarnish. Tarnish can be removed with a polishing cloth until returned to a mirror finish
  • Peak or Flitz Polish is highly recommended for faster and more effective polishing

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Meaningful Graduation Gift

I purchased this necklace for my best friend's daughter. It was a HS graduation present. Jaclyn took the time to help me pick just the right gift. Wonderful choice!

Jennifer Beckerman
Love my necklace!

I love my manifestation vessel necklace. It’s so special to be able to write down what I am manifesting and carry it close to my heart. A good reminder throughout the day to focus my intentions.

Valentine's Gift

I bought this as a gift for my wife for Valentine's Day. She loves it! I enjoyed watching it being made on Instagram. Love to support local artists who make such beautiful art. Can't wait to see what else you make.

Fran P.

She loves it!

Vickie S.
Most Beautiful and Meaningful

Purchased for my daughter in 14 it gold. A gift for going to Cornell University. She has an abundance of choices to make and dreams to come true. I found this manifestation pendant and knew it was perfect. Thank you, Jaclyn. It was so nice to meet and speak with you. :sunrise:

Thank you so much for your stunning necklace review of your 14K Gold Manifestation Vessel. I truly am grateful & honored that you choose one of my pieces for such a special occasion to acknowledge & support your daughter as she takes her first steps into choosing the life she wants to create for herself. I hope it helps bring her everything she desires :heart:️